Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why being a Mom really IS the best job!

Winter is hard in Athens, OH. We get a dusting of snow and school is cancelled. Two-hour delays are the norm in the months of January and February. I spent a LOT of time at home alone with my kids during these months. We all get a little stir crazy. Then the germs set in and they pass whatever illness is going around between the three of them. The ONE thing I DON'T want them to share!

Such has been my life for the past couple weeks. School has been closed, delayed and at least one kid has been sick for what seems like an eternity. Rachel was first. She was coughing so hard after coming in from the cold I was worried she couldn't breathe. She threw up twice from really bad coughing fits. Then Riley woke up one night with the dreaded barky cough that can only mean croup and a visit to the ER. Her croup developed into an ear infection (the doctor said her ear was "a mess") and, at the same time, Kailey caught Rachel's cough and was sick for a few days.

Oh, yeah, this is a positive entry, isn't it? Almost forgot. So, yeah, in the midst of all this, there have been some bright points. Where the girls are REALLY getting along or even showing me that yes, they DO love one another despite their constant bickering. And fighting. And yelling. And hitting. These are the moments you want to savor and put in a bottle.

The other day, Kailey came running into my room. She was so excited! "Mommy, my toys come to life, my wish came true! When I woke up this morning, my pillow pet was turned around!" She really, truly believed that her toys were alive, just like in Toy Story. She convinced her little sister, Riley, that HER toys were alive as well. It was pure magic and pure joy to witness.

Last night Riley's ear infection was raging. She was screaming in pain. We used an old wives' tale remedy that was calming her down. We put a clove on garlic in her ear. Never underestimate what you will do to make your child feel better. Greg's mom did the same to him when he was little and screaming from pain. It relieved his pain, so we gave it a try. Worked like a charm. Girl stopped screaming almost immediately and within I would say one minute the crying had stopped. She was laying on the couch w/her head in my lap when Rachel said "Now, what can I do to cheer Riley up?" Then she proceeded to stand on a football and fall down. That made Riley laugh. So Kailey had to get in on the action and SHE started doing silly things to cheer up her little sister. I had never been more proud of my girls.

Kailey stayed home from school today. This was her first sick day in all-day kindergarten. She started asking when Rachel would get home about half an hour after Rachel left for school. She's been asking what time it is pretty much all day. (I've got a reprieve right now b/c she is napping. You KNOW a 6 year old is sick if they voluntarily take a nap!) She DOES miss her sister, even though when they are together at home, it is pretty much constant fighting.

Being a mom is AWESOME!

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