Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Name Is Mommy

I have had many names
in my life

"Daughter," "Sister," "Cousin," "Friend," "Aunt,"
"Fry pusher," "Assistant," "Analyst," "Manager"
"Girlfriend," "Confidante," "Best Friend," "Fiancée," "Wife"
"Pain in the Ass," "Granddaughter," "Worst Enemy," "Bridesmaid"

But the name I wanted to be called the most

No one anticipates having trouble getting pregnant
When that happens, your life changes
Becoming a mommy became an obsession
Until our dream was fulfilled.

We were having twins!
I couldn't wait for the first time
they called me Mommy

I dreamed of baby snuggles, coos, the first smile
No one told me about the exploding diapers, the baby "happy hour" which is
anything but, sleepless nights, the endless worry that you are doing
everything wrong. I did mention sleepless nights, right?

Man, being a mommy isn't easy.
No idea why I thought it would be

Now almost seven years later I have three wonderful girls
I get the snuggles, the "I love you's," the feeling that I am
everything to them.

I also get the "She hit me!"
"That's MINE! I want it!"
"Mooooooommmmmmyyyyyyy! She called me a name!"
"Mommy! I need help!" "Mommy! Stop everything you are doing to help me with this small, minor thing and if you don't help me RIGHT NOW I will scream for an hour!"

I'm changing my name to Daddy.

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