Friday, January 7, 2011

Confessions of a Lazy Housewife

There is one thing about me that I absolutely, positively HATE. Yes, hate. If I could change this about myself, I would. As a matter of fact, I have tried to change this and fail miserably every.single.time. I know it bugs Greg, too. And I see this habit rubbing off on my kids.

This isn't something physical. I mean, no one is 100% satisfied with his or her looks, but there's nothing (much) I would change in regards to my body. Aside from losing that last 10 pounds and getting rid of the belly flab, the huge thighs and the arm flab.

Here it is. I am a slob. I am one of the most unorganized people that I know. I have NO organizational gene at all. I wish I had an iota of Martha Stewart in me. {sigh} The pictures above are what my garage looked like 3 years ago before I cleaned it out. Guess what? It looks pretty much like that again now.

I have several places in my house where I collect clutter. The kitchen counter, the area around my desk, the laundry room, the toy closet in the basement, the garage, our closet. I have cleaned all these areas several times and they end up getting cluttered again in no time. I cleaned off my desk on Monday. Its already starting to collect crap. {sigh} My front hallway closet was so packed full of stuff that even after I cleaned it out, the door still wouldn't close. Like it was just so used to being overfilled it had just given up.

I've tried I borrowed a book from my brother called How Not to Be A Messie, read half of it then put it back on the shelf. I made up a list for the day zero project and then disbanded it. That's not to say I never clean. I do. Every so often, I get a bug up my butt about the condition of the house and I spend the day cleaning. One day last month, I was doing laundry and was just disgusted with the laundry room, so I cleaned it out. It wasn't any worse than it was the week before, but I felt it needed to be done. Having overnight guests also prompts a quick clean up.

I understand that my problem lies in the fact that I am lazy, I like to procrastinate, I am easily overwhelmed and I don't finish what I start. These are all character flaws and I would love to fix them, I just don't know how. If money were not a problem, I would gladly hire a professional organizer to whip me into shape. I have several friends who are extremely organized (which is a polite way to call them OCD) and I have asked them several times to visit my house and help me out, but none has taken me up on that offer as of now.

I really, really hate this about myself. I get so jealous when a FB friend posts that he or she is purging this, organizing that or something of that sort because then I look at my slop of a house and wonder HOW they can do that?

Having kids just made the problem worse. Kids use a lot of crap. And if you don't keep up w/the purging of said crap, you have a disaster on your hands. My kids have so many toys they don't even play with half of them. I would absolutely love to get them involved in the decisions on what to keep and what to get rid of. But, at their ages (6 and 3), they, of course, want to keep EVERYTHING. {sigh} Since I am so easily overwhelmed, I look at this project and wonder HOW I can possibly get it done. I don't even know where to start. The toys is just one of the many, many projects I have in my head to get done.

I feel like I am drowning in stuff. I would love to downsize. I would love to have a house that I am proud of the way it looks. I would love to live by the "A Place for Everything and Everything In its Place" mantra. I just don't know how.


  1. As if it weren't certain before, now I KNOW we are related. If I had a garage, it would look like that. Instead, it is the spare room! And, yes, I am purging...very slowly. I got to Rowans drawers this morning and got rid of a bunch of pajamas and like 10 t-shirts. big whoop. I hadn't done wash for the week so the drawers will go back to being not able to close tonight when it is all done.

  2. yes we are all related, i had bunches of junk...and bunches. quit leaving the decisions up to the girls about their toys, if they h aven't touched it get rid of it. papers, if you haven't looked at them they are still opened over a month old get rid of....etc etc. one little stitch at a time...and take five minute increments...go through a section at a time...5 minutes only to purge a section of the garage. you would be amazed at what you get done. and when you bring something new in the house get rid of 2 other things....( i am on roberts account...)Joann

  3. Joann I know that much of my problem lies in just having too much crap! I have done major purges in the past, I just need to make it a regular habit.