Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's the Little Things

One of my daughters was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome last summer. Part of this disorder is a fine motor delay and lack of muscle tone. Rachel struggles with holding the pencil correctly and her handwriting is far below that of an "average" 5 1/2 year old. She is extremely clumsy and literally falls over her own feet at times. She struggles with changes and cannot express her frustration in any other way than to scream and cry.

Don't get me wrong, Rachel is a delight. She is extremely sweet, caring and oh so smart. I find myself at times a little sad, though that she will struggle with this disorder her entire life and will have to learn how to live in a "neurotypical" world.

So, when she recently lost her tooth, I was so happy for her. Finally, something "normal" happened to my Rachel! It may seem like a little thing. And it really is. But, in life, aren't the little things the ones that matter the most?

Take my Mother's Day. Greg didn't do anything big or elaborate. He did a bunch of little things that made my day so special. I got to sleep in. He had the girls make me cards (nice to receive since I am always having them make other people's cards). I sent him to the grocery store the day before for something I needed for dinner that night. While he was there, he decided that the steaks I had picked out for dinner on Mother's Day weren't good enough, so he got better ones. He bought me a bottle of wine. He made a garlic butter sauce for the steaks.

One day last week, I wanted to get some yard work done so I had the twins come outside with me. They asked if they could bring some toys outside, so I let them. They brought out a bunch of stuffed animals and had them all climbing the trees.

All of these things by themselves are just small little things. And its those little things that keep you going.

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