Monday, April 19, 2010

Stupid Shit That I Do

I am a curse for new things. Just ask my husband. Last Christmas, he got me an .mp3 player. I loaded it up with tunes, charged it up and took it on our week-long cruise where it stopped working. For my birthday, he got a great deal on this really nice digital frame that didn't even work. I mean, I took the thing out of the box and it wouldn't even turn on! At that point, Greg affectionately called me a curse on electronics.

I've blown up computers, I've ruined dinners, I've left the garage door open all night. (With the light on so anyone driving by would see what we had in there!) My car has dings and dents. In essence, I cannot keep anything nice.

Which brings us to today. I took the twins to school and went to the grocery store with Riley. We rushed through the store because I had to get Riley to the ENT clinic at 10:30. After the store, we went home and I quickly unloaded the groceries and realized I had a couple minutes to take the cover off the garden since we had a frost the night before. So, I run to the side of the house and start to take the cover off. We have a very temporary plastic fence around the garden to keep the bunnies from munching and as I was closing the gate, my new running shoe got caught on the fence and it got a hole in it! I was so mad. That will teach me to do something in a hurry!


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself! We all do stupid shit, I know I mess up on a regular basis. :hug: