Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Father's Love

I wrote this poem on Valentine's Day during Mass. I was thinking about my dad b/c it was the 38th anniversary of his death. The words literally poured into my head and after I received communion, I found a receipt and a pen in my purse and started writing.

My point for this blog is simply to write. I want to set aside 30 minutes per week to write. Seems like this is a good place to put it all. Since this poem is the first thing I have written in a very long time...I thought it would be a good place to start. Don't worry, all the writing won't be this sad.

A Father's Love

Written on February 14, 2010
on the 38th anniversary of my father's death

A baby girl lays in the nursery
Other daddy's pass out cigars
Hers isn't there
Her mommy holds her and cries for her lost love

A toddler holds her grandpa's finger and laughs
He laughs back
Her mommy wishes for a father's love for her baby girl

A little girl dances with her uncle at the Father-Daughter Dance
She misses what she has never had
But is thankful for a loving family

A teenage girl travels to a family reunion
She watches a video of her father moving across a room
It makes her smile
She has never seen him move

A young woman graduates college
As her proud family looks on
She wonders if he is watching
And if he is proud of the daughter he never knew

A bride holds her mother's hand
As she walks down the aisle
Looking at her own love she knows how much her mom misses him
They play “Father's Eyes” as a tribute
She looks out and sees her loved ones' tears

A mom watches her daughters play with their daddy
She smiles, thankful for the chance to experience
A father's love for his little girls

I love you, Dad!